Laura Galli
Laura Galli Lilith5th
Fantasy Artist | Tabletop Games Artist

Laura Galli Lilith5th

Fantasy Artist | Tabletop Games Artist


About Me

Fantasy Illustrator | Character Artist | Tabletop Games Artist

My digital paintings are mostly painted with Photoshop and Wacom Intuos 5 S.
In traditional art, specialized with watery pencils, indian ink and acrylics.

I work on commission and as freelancer since 2012; in this timelapse I realized 500+ commissions between personal projects, commercial projects, and graphics for RPG sites.

I aim to tell a story in my illustrations, to communicate an emotion, and to give life to worlds, characters and creatures.
I strive to represent every concept and vision meaningfully, using expressions, gestuality, colour and composition to reveal the true essence and soul of the subject.


Tribute to 25 Years of Magic: The Gathering Art Exhibition; (illustrations); (MTG tokens);
Besiege at Summerset Adventure Book (Pathfinder);
Karacterz CCG Project;
Awesome System RPG Book,
A variety of fan artbooks and tarot projects.

Current Projects | Site illustrations, book and RPG book illustrations;
The Seeker of Shooting Stars | Illustrated book;
Cover and chapter illustrations for The Last Paladins;
Wither & Bloom - SaeranZine | Fan Artbook about Mystic Messenger.
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